Life with you

46 years , 50 yet still celebrating anniversaries of regret,
If life begins at 40 then I can only believe two things,
You were the 40, the genesis to my life, no apples, no snakes, just a rib that meant the universe to me,
2,I grew 40 when I saw you, you, she that made all screws loose,
I shook, then you drove all the sockets in place, that was crazy, dear screw driver,
why did you let the screw spin the screwdriver, that was crazy,
If I could create time i Wud create it for you,
to count seconds and write minutes of every promise my life will deep-end on,
One Job only,failed and I regret it,
I regret breaking your fragile cotton heart,
I regret planting flowers on the sides of ur nose for your eyes to water, I re…

I repent
If letting you go was a way of sin, I repent,
Repaint the walls of my soul, and even on one cycle my Jericho walls will fall for you,
So let’s do this, again , let’s do this a gain,for if we do this again I gain,
Silver and gold can shine bright for the eyes but you did more than shine, you applied vaseline to my desert heart, you excelled,
Body and soul I gained you were a jar of pomegranate nectar,
Neck ties like hickies adrenaline rush, my alexir.
When you exhaled i swear you were the sweetest breathing,
I mean when you talked, birds, morning, singing – you know this picture pretty,
Thats how I know regret wears me like a coat, for everyday been June and every month been June,
All dunes when you born in an hourglass, with the sand in shoes scotching baby glass,
Regret paragraphs bridegrooming me she words so much,
she’s Indian when time is slow I don’t milk her cows, sometimes we dance the sad story thts the Bollywood essence of my solitude pretence,
But this chains me to myself, all i need is you so I can break these vows,for let’s re-match.
Re-pair, for I regret,
For ever letting go , and putting my hands in pockets, when you were sinking.
I regret, for loving you wrong, you left when I thought I was right thinking.
Now I sleep with regret and never felt so cold.

You, beautiful.

Every star has  a day to shine and you my shootin star,
even if it gets so dark none can even dim your shine
With that awesome smile
Hand me your hand i wanna take you to a place, a place where faces and wordsmiths define beauty,
I mean your picture and i label, you pose and i revel , no lies no fables, no sticks no stones no pebbles, jus you  oh angel,
All angles i capture written in God’s hand,
Caligraphics that mold a body with full words no shorthand, in a full world of souls and perfect portraits of sea and land,
In a fool world where they break hearts and and dance in quick sand, quick sand in the hour glass,
our glass overfilling in fulfiling what their eyes can not see,
Over feelings as eight souls touch keys and violins print hickeys – on necks , on deck, all senses, set to present to you, as i see, you.

From the brushes and ink of Iva Troj,
And every pixel to picture that makes man carry a cross,
A perfect scene as effortless as an albatross, as you glide flawlessness with beauty that shows no remorse,
A winsome exhibit unpurtabed by a win some attitude,
I do choose,
With pulchritude unyellowed by contraband, you who has a  gait John unlocks gates for,
As your feet seem to make love to the ground with gravity   an aphrodisiac,
You yourself a philtre, an elixir, giving meaning to life and defination to beauty, Merriam webster
So beautiful,
does it hurt ,
are you safe,
If beauty was contagious you would usher a pandemic,
Bars, and every prison cell of my mind holds you in-mate
Innate as it is,you allure in its majesty my heart shall quarantine,
Every star has a day to shine
And you pretty shooting star
Even when it gets darker
None can even dim your shine.

From me to you. Coconut.

From me to you
(inspired by Ksg Di Don)

if i say my heart still bleeds i would be lying
after all the stitches you put, i forget all the crying,
all the sand that fried my feet and the shade under the cactus
when i played survivor with a sanctioned soul,

no oasis would show me it’s shore,
lost like Saul till i met Damascus,
When light touched my eyes when sleep was leading,
leading my marrow to the table of ants and worms,

6 feet under and a warmth of tears,
i could have have resorted to medicine but alchemy was on strike,
i could have resorted to medicine, but i was wingless to get high,
only a broken heart can make a broken heart, full,
make, to understand a broken heart , fool,
sticks and stones broke my bones,

But every bird has a different tone,
was it an angel, a bird, or was it a drone,
for i needed an angel to usher me to heaven,
a pretty little bird to remind me to fly,
and a drone to write my demise in 4k pixels,
you saved me.

When you loved me.

Misunderstood misunderstanding.

She told me she needed space and I took her straight to NASA, the thought that she would be impressed hit hard with the puzzlement in her disturbed reflection. See I thought maths gave her orgasms but she fancied NASCAR, vans shoes, skateboarding and skirt hoarding.

This is how it started. We met online queueing for daily prayers, she was on the clock Tik Tok move flawlessly filtered, and I was double tapping knocking on her pictures for attention, i worked overtime and got my per Diem, we found common pixels as we reached a better resolution, next thing we were before anyone else’s else, literally.

The week of it all was like us on a Sabbath day, we never worked, I was misled by my mind thinking I was someone else yet my heart knew i was still an eunuch fascinated by relativity, magnets and Elon Musk something the slideshow of Tinder would never fix. I prolly faced what every guy i knew was facing, a misunderstanding of self, a pressure more fake than the crowns on these queens who slay our esteem , ripping our codes like these ripped clothes we hid in.

So she said I must have been the dumbest person she had ever put on make up for, and I said I knew what she meant by space, I just needed to show her something more than calories and edible lipstick. The world would end without her hanging around the stars , or least of all spell telescope.

summer in your eyes

they say Melanin is a pigment of sexiness,
when I see your face I find reason to define prettiness,
your eyes these bright stars in these your milky ways,
with dimples on your face with a smile like summer days,
a morning appointment with the rays of your sunkissed intellect,
skin deep DNA pumping your soul to the reflection of an Angel play,
harps and cellos, angelic Melody sweet cravings for a mortal man,
modern man iam with old fashioned mannerisms,
orgasmic presence yet I feel humbled by your chocolate sweetness,

it’s ironic how your Melanin lights up my whole world no zesa
your perfectness 😍 completes my incompleteness for better,
for worse things we endure in the desert storm of Cupid’s Arrows,
yet your heart calms me and your words touch me,
on all the sensitive places, your know my ears can’t speak,
for themselves,
I usually get lost when your puppy eyes look deep into my soul,
trying to exorcise every pixel of doubt and I just fall,
fall in love in this space, you become my black hole,
I met winter before you met my frozen thawing heart,
I never knew I could melt now I sink in my own puddle of love,
drip my Melanin queen,drip for all this muscle is all yours to massage,
rain on me, for I see summer in your eyes.

Two is the crowd I want.

Two is the crowd I want.

I hate the sound of the parliament with old men asking for orders,

Orders that make the restaurant a hive with teenagers on first dates,

Dates on calenders making days with scavengers betting on dogs on tracks,

Tracks overplayed in downtown taverns,havens for the dry’mouthed,

Proud vendors unpurtabed by camoflouge in distanced banter,

Fanta-stic the streets owned by dealers and touts, did you speak,

Speak louder you should not be as me, as meek,

Meek, please walk faster but mind these edible thorns upon your feet,

Fit on a rampage, mind the robots they don’t speak, no more,

No more. Escape into the woods, the water and trees,

With the words of birds choired in controlled decibels,

Even the words from your body I capture and hold every syntax,

It is finished.

Two is the crowd I want.

It’s a lot .

My mind used to be porous,

open, exhibiting skeletons and blueprints,

printed in my soul in ones and zeros

binary constructing metaphors and jargons

dragons, hobbits and serpents and mentors,

thermos, keeping me warm in my zombie delights

enshrined in the helmet of my skull

deprived to mould worlds by a world

controlled by fathers heartless,

who left teens flowerless, single mothers,

and boys, sons sagging with second hands, powerless

it’s a lot.


eyes used to wander before these shadows, inside this bird box,

flay away in imagination, racing in flip flops,

these are the nightmares the streets evade from,

saw stars with you ask me where i came from

telescope mind, no cents, i need five more,

blood is thicker than water, water saved my soul,

families familiar with magic and wrath, i need me a blindfold,

creativity that made the garden from the void of darkness

hidden in the atoms of my marrow,

i am insane just might rhyme with Jack Sparrow,

i lost it.

please, i plead to please your imagination,

with the words from a tattered heart,

there is hate in love and love in faith,

faith lost on our protectors,

it’s a lot.